Colorful glass metal wind chime 2 assorted


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?sheer delight? Is the perfect phrase to describe the feelings that will arise in you when you first lay eyes on this glass metal wind chime in 2 assorted colors and designs. Wind chimes are always a wondrous addition to any home. They can add the surprise factor, and can play a major role in adding a pop of color that can make all the difference. Made from quality materials, these wind chimes will last in great condition for years to come. Both have a flower atop: one with a bird and the other with a butterfly. Attach them in a spot where there is free flowing air. They can also be perfect in a doorway at a spot where you want to be alerted of the arrival of people. You can also make it into a gift for near ones on special occasions. Perfect for a modern home, they will garner kudos from all your guests. Easy on maintenance too, these are definitely the wind chimes for your home.Given price is for the whole case,Customers will get the products in bulk.

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