Chick metal duck


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Looking for some distinctive decorative for your home, have a glance at this charming metal duck. It is designed to perfection, it has stunning detail work done on it, this duck figurine is has charming feathers and alluring scrollwork on the body; the neck and legs have detailed design and are colored to perfection. This charming decorative will look great indoors as well as outdoors. It is colored in awesome reddish, yellow and greenish hues which is some fine example of coloring details. It looks so lively and animated which gives it some classy charm.It is made from fine quality metal, so it is highly durable and sturdy made. It is a stunning decorative which will get noticed for sure and win you some notes of appreciation. You can buy this decorative for your home or you can gift it to your friends, family and dear ones. It is easy to maintain and only needs a clean wipe with a damp cloth at regular intervals.

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