Beautiful metal hen


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It is one charming piece of decorative for your indoors and outdoors both. This is an adorable metal hen crafted to perfection. This charming hen decorative is one fabulously colored piece of art in contrasting bright hues. Made from some finest quality metal, this hen is colored in such a beautiful way that it looks very real and lively. The use of colors in this decorative is striking and vibrant. This is very sturdily constructed piece of dcor which ensures long lasting life. Combine it with a rooster figurine and place it in your garden, it will look awesome outdoors. This figurine will sure get noticed and win you some kudos.It is one artistically crafted metal dcor. It is robust built and will remain in prim condition for many years to come. You can buy this metal hen dcor for your home or you can even suggest it to your friends and family who are looking for this kind of decorative for their home. It is easy to maintain and only needs a clean wipe with a damp cloth at regular intervals.

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