Attractive Wall Hanger Metal Owl Wind Chime With Artistic Design


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Charge Up Your Home Environment Positively With This Attractive Wind Chime. This Chime Set Is Made Of High Quality Durable Metal, And Will Grace Your Home For A Long Time To Come. It Holds A Beautifully Sculpted Owl Image That Has The Chime Bells Strung To It To Produce Pleasing Sounds In The Wind. The Whole Metal Structure Is Designed Lightweight So As To Sway In The Air Easily To Produce The Soothing Sounds. Apart From Gratifying Your Ears With The Sounds, This Chime Adds To The Visual Appeal With Its Looks. Suitable To Be Hung From Any Location In The Home, The Chime Occupies Minimal Space And Brings A Joyful Vibrancy All Around. It Also Enhances The Positive Ambience.